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Satin Fabric

Crepe Fabric

Are you looking for the best Crepe Fabric Supplier in India? You are in the right place. Our company M.Tex has the best fabrics for your use. Crepe Fabric is a sort of thin fabric known for its crinkled surface and wrinkled appearance. Crepe fabric was initially just made utilizing silk, yet these days a wide range of fabrics including cotton, chiffon, and rayon are utilized to make a crepe.

The one normal variable for all these different sorts of crepe textures is that they are constantly made by an intricate procedure of weaving and sewing to get the crinkled yet light appearance. Crepe fabric is made from silk, as well as from silk mixture, cotton, wool, and wool mixture, and with artificial threads. The crepe impact is accomplished in these fabrics essentially by utilizing crepe and others to some patterned interweaving, often without the crepe twist. We are the best Wholesale Crepe fabric suppliers in India.

Advantages Of Crepe Fabric

• The advantages of the crepe are that it wraps well and is wrinkle safe. It is utilized for ladies dresses and suits.

• Crepe is exceptionally demanding after around the globe due to its special look and comfort, light-weight feel.

• Crepe gives the wearer a thinning appearance and has an exceptionally effortless fall, making it an incredible fabric for gathering occasions or other formal events.

Order our products and get them delivered to your doorstep. We are the best crepe fabric wholesale suppliers in India.


Knitting Fabric

Are you looking for a knitting fabric wholesaler in India? You are in the right place. Our company M.Tex is the best for choosing knitting fabric. The knit fabric that we supply to our customers consists of a structure formed by interlocking loops of yarn. This term is used because the yarn is fed horizontally to form rows of loops that are individually locked vertically with the corresponding loop in the next horizontal row.

This is the type of knitting that can be produced by hand using two knitting’s ‘needles’ and one ball of yarn. Knitting machines can produce either a flat fabric or a tubular fabric according to type. It will be seen that the interlocked loops form vertical rows which are called Wales and horizontal rows which are called courses. If the fabric is correctly on grain, wales and courses intersect at 900 and are thus the directional equivalent of warp and weft, as far as grain is concerned. We are the best supplier of wholesale knitting fabric in India.

Why Choose Us?

Our company has gained popularity as the best knitting fabric supplier in Gujarat. The products of our company are made by the top manufacturers using quality materials and tools. These are tested and meets the expectations of our customers and clients.

Choose to deal with us today and get our products. We are the best wholesale knitting fabric suppliers in India.


Georgette Fabric

Are you looking for Georgette fabric suppliers in India? You are in the right place. Our company M.Tex offers customers and clients quality fabrics that can be used for all kinds of purposes without any problem.

Benefits of Georgette

We are the best wholesale Georgette Fabric Suppliers in India. As georgette can be made of all kinds of fibres, its properties and wearability vary a bit. If you prefer to wear natural fabrics, silk georgette would be your go-to option. Following are the points that make this perfect for use.

• Georgette is a breathable, all-climate fabric. You can wear it all year round, but it’s especially gorgeous in spring and summer when we tend to go for lightweight materials.

• Due to high absorbency, this fabric feature the most vibrant prints and colours. Plus, they are colourfast. They also dry very fast.

• Georgette has an outstanding bouncy drape. Thanks to that, it is equally suitable for tailoring separate items like dresses, tops or skirts, as well as for layering over other garments.

• Georgette material is very strong. It can be damaged, of course, but it’s more stable compared to chiffon, and you can even embroider on it.

• When made from silk, georgette becomes crease-resistant.

• Georgette fabric repels mildew, mould and dust, which means it is easy to store.

• Georgette is hypoallergenic.

Order our products today and we propose to deliver them to our customers without any delay. We are the best Georgette Fabric Wholesale Suppliers in India.


Velvet Fabric

Chiffon Fabric

Polyester Fabric

If you are Polyester Fabric Wholesalers, you are in the right place. M.Tex is the best company to deal with. We have the best fabrics and provide excellent customers services.

The Polyester of our company is procured from the top dealers and manufacturers in the country. Whether it’s for fashion, performance, design, or interiors, the polyester of our company has evolved into the most versatile fabric and fibre in the world. Our company is the best polyester fabric Wholesalers in Surat. Getting products from us is the best choice as our products have amazing benefits.

Advantages Of Polyester

Our company is well-known polyester fabric Wholesalers in Gujarat. The Benefits of this fabric is immense. Some are as follows.

• The fibres are durable and lightweight

• It is very wrinkle resistant

• It dries very quickly making it ideal for outerwear

• Polyester fibre take dyes (colours) easily

• It retains its shape well

• It is highly stain resistant making it very easy to clean

• Very economical price compared to other synthetic fibre such as Nylon

We have listed our products at an affordable price. We want our customers to get quality products within their budget. Therefore choose us and order our products without any delay. Call us and speak to our executives if you have any questions or queries about our services and products.

Have faith in us as we are the best polyester fabric Wholesalers in India.


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